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Real-Madrid new kit’s Home and Away
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The galaticos have made a new home and away Jersy, as they also get ready for new season coming up soon. the new jersy comprises of two color’s the white and the pink jersy.

They are also preparing to sale some of there deformed players in other for them to prepare ahead of next season after a great failure to defeat chelsea at the champions league games.

Hopefully these idea will bring out something great and better for the galaticos coming up next season 2021-2022, also as the team captain has made an exit from the team hoping to have someone special and better to replace him and his position as defender.

they just made a recent signing of bayern munchen player david alaba in preparation for next season hope his coming will create a great impact to the galaticos of spain, they made a selection of 9 nine of their player to be sold, and hoping to sign mbape of psg, Eileen halland of Dortmund and other great players for next season.

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