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Bleached spots in underwear sign of healthy vagina, physician tells women

Amarachi Okeh

A health expert, Dr. Toluwani Binutu, says women should not be worried about the bleached spot that appears on their underwear, noting that stained underwear is a sign of a healthy vagina.

According to Binutu, the bleaching stain on underwear is an indicator of the health of the vagina.

Speaking via his Instagram handle, @tolubinutu, the UK-based health expert said it is normal that a woman’s vaginal discharge bleaches her underwear.

He said, “Sometimes women get worried when they notice their underwear has bleached spots on them.

“Some may even think that it means they have an infection down there. It is not true.

“Most times your normal vaginal discharge leaks to your undies and because vaginal discharge is acidic in nature, it interacts with the dye in your underwear and causes those ‘bleached’ areas.

“Basically, the bleached areas are proof that your vagina has a normal healthy pH level.

“The acidic nature of your vaginal discharge creates those bleached areas. It is a sign that you are healthy down there,” he said.

According to a recent article published by Health Shot, an online platform providing health and wellness information on women, a bleached patch in underwear is an indication that the vagina is healthy.

The Health Shot article explained that “a healthy vagina has a natural pH value between 3.8 and 4.5, which means it is largely acidic. No wonder, it leaves an orange patch behind when you send it over for laundry or put it in the washing machine.”

Explaining why a healthy vagina bleaches the underwear, the health information site stated that because a healthy vagina is acidic, it can produce large amounts of discharge. 

“Sometimes, the pH levels can fluctuate because of a range of factors, including your hormones, sex life as well as periods.

“The vagina has good bacteria called lactobacilli which keep your vagina healthy by maintaining optimum acidity levels and preventing bad bacteria from causing infection.

“This discharge generally increases when you ovulate, as well as during pregnancy. When this discharge is exposed to air, it can cause a yellow or orange colour stain on your underwear due to oxidation,” the Health Shot article stated.

Source: PUNCH 

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