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FOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Amaechi, Wike, Abe and Dakuku
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FOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Amaechi, Wike, Abe and Dakuku

1. Amaechi became the Youngest speaker of The Rivers State House of Assembly at 33 in 1999 to 2007

2. Nyesom Wike Became The Chairman of Obio Akpor Local Government Council at 32 in Year 2000 to 2007( 2nd richest LGA in Nigeria with allocation nd IGR bigger than some states)

3. Magnus Abe became a Member of The Rivers State House of Assembly Representing The People of Gokana Constituency attend 34. He Emerged Minority leader given to the fact that He belonged to the Opposition party then- ANPP. In 2003, He defected to the PDP and He was appointed commissioner of Information by the Dr. Peter Odili led adminstration.

4. Dakuku Peterside became The Chairman of Opobo/Nkoro Local Government at 31 in 2002 and Then Later S.A to the Rivers State Governor on Works at 32 in 2003-2005. In 2005-2007, He became The Executive Director of Development and Leadership Institute.

In 2007, Amaechi became The Executive Governor of Rivers State and This His “Cartel Men” took the stage in the Grand stance

Nyesom Wike Became His Chief of Staff
– Magnus Abe Became The Secretary to State Government
– Dakuku Peterside Became The commissioner of works

There Has Never been a Squad like this since the creation of Rivers State till Date. They were so Powerful that Everyone even had advised Governor Amaechi to push them to Abuja because Rivers State could no longer Contain them. The Power was too much yet They Blossomed.

In 2011, There was no opposition in Rivers State except Some Adults playing in the sand

Amaechi Returned as Governor for a Second Term
-Nyesom Wike became Minister for state for Education
– Magnus Abe Became A Senator
– Dakuku became the Member House of Representatives

In 2015, The Center could No Longer Hold but Today

– Amaechi is The Minister of Transportation
– Nyesom Wike is The Executive Governor of Rivers State
– Magnus Abe was Back to the Senate
– Dakuku was the immediate DG of the Big Cash Cow “NIMASA” after running as The Gubernatorial Candidate of the APC in 2015.


They might still be in Charge for at Least The Next 6 Years
Please don’t mind whatever is happening among them today…They have used their circle of friendship to influence one another to the top…..and influence others positively….
See the current scenario;

AMAECHI is the Leader of APC in Rivers State

Wike is the Leader of PDP in Rivers State

Today AMECHI is a presidential aspirant in APC

Wike is a presidential aspirant in PDP

Magnus Abe is a board member of NNPC

Dakuku is currently aspiring the 2023 Gubernatorial seat of Rivers State

From a Little Beginning, They bonded and later became The Strong Men of NOT JUST RIVERS POLITICS BUT Nigeria Politics



Lessons: our youths of age bracket 31-34 are enrolled on Oyes, n-power and P-yes and also shouting Next Level or atikulated on d street. Pls think well!

* Food for Thought

Think How you can translate your group friendship to higher goals and achievement

Stop rivalry and petty envies.

Stop prolonged bitterness and hatred

Stop divide and rule system.

If you can’t get anything out of the house then must you pull it all down?

Support one another in the way that Grace is sufficient for you

* Think about it!
* Change your mindset!

Comrade Michael Wugokwe Gotep.

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