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Insecurity: Nigeria must change tactics to win war against terrorism – Gen Useni warns
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Insecurity: Nigeria must change tactics to win war against terrorism – Gen Useni warns

…says presidential candidate should be chosen based on merit, not zoning

Soni Daniel, Northern Region Editor

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and elder statesman, Lt. Gen. Jeremiah Useni, has warned that the nation’s military must change tactics in its fight against terrorists and bandits in order to triumph over the twin evil and the general wave of insecurity ravaging the country.

Gen. Useni, who has served Nigeria in various capacities including the Quarter-Master General of the Nigerian Army and a Senator representing Plateau Central, told journalists in Abuja on Monday that the military must put the right caliber of persons into requisite positions to be able to challenge the forces contending with the nation’s security.

Besides, Gen. Useni recommended that the high level of discipline that made the Nigerian army to highly successful in national and international engagements, should be revived and maintained in order to provide the needed operational environment for the officers and men to tackle insecurity in the land.

“In our time, there was no room for indiscipline and officers and men caught engaging in any form of indiscipline were promptly punished for dereliction of duty and were not allowed to acquire any form of wealth they could not account for.

“Strict and prompt punishments were used to stem the tide of indiscipline among officers and men in our time and I think this should be enforced as part of the effort to strengthen the military institution to be able to contain with the level of threats to the nation.

“I believe the display of sincerity on the part of the military is imperative in winning the war against insecurity in this country. But there is need to do more by ensuring that those who loot the cash meant to prosecute the war against insurgency and other challenges should be dealt with and not merely sent away from the armed forces.

“In tackling insecurity, it is important for the government to also seek the opinions of retired military officers with the wealth of experience in military tactics and strategies in dealing with the ravaging security challenges in the country so that the enemies of Nigeria do not succeed,” Useni said.

The former military officer, who expressed worry over the level of insecurity in the country, pointed out that Nigeria has what it takes to deal with the situation and must take the necessary steps to save the country from malevolent elements trying to drag it down.

Turning to the 2023 general elections, Lt. Gen. Useni asked Nigerians to elect a president who is intelligent and capable of effecting positive change in the lives of the people and not on the basis of zoning.

The former military governor of Bendel State, said that while some may raise issues about the zoning arrangement put in place by the country as a political understanding among the parties, the emergence of a credible, intelligent and capable Nigerian to solve the myriads of problems facing the nation, was more urgent.

“We need the best candidate as president irrespective of where he comes from. We need someone who is intelligent and knows how to tackle the problems facing this country and be able to reposition Nigeria for greatness,” Gen. Useni said.

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