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The objective of the NYAC are REF: NYAC, Act 2021, to develop the creative potential of the youth, to develop a dynamic and disciplined youth imbued with a spirit of nationalism, patriotism and ensure the effective participation of youths in politics, governance and national building.


The core functions of the Nigeria Youth Alternative Council (NYAC) are REF: NYAC, Act 2021, to formulate policies and implement programs that will promote in the youth sense of creativity, self reliance, leadership, loyalty to the country, discipline and civic responsibility.

ii. To establish a sense of friendship and cooperation through the exchange of ideas with recognized youth organizations in other countries in Africa and the World.

iii. To develop capacity of the youth to participate in decision making at all levels.

iv. To establish and supervise youth leadership and skills training institutes in collaboration with the Ministry of youth and sports development, organize youth conferences, symposiums, seminars at the National, States, LGA, Wards and Polling Units levels.

The Nigeria Youth Alternative Council – NYAC was transformed in June 2021, it is thus, a pressure group, beret organization and a statutory public organization with the mandate to coordinate and facilitates youth development activities and to ensure the participation of Nigeria youth in politics as a whole.

The council was formerly perceived as the Limit Breakers WorldWide (TLBW) in 2017, for some developmental reasons in 2021, the organization was transformed into a council with the mandate to organize a mass national and fearless yet courageous youth movement in Africa.

Nigeria Youth Alternative Council (NYAC) is an umbrella of youths in Nigeria and diaspora also an affiliate of National Youth Council of Nigeria ( NYCN), World Assembly of Youth (WAY), Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative for the Youths (CSRIY) and our mandates is to form a youths force across the country, as youths are the majority of Nigeria’s population according to National Population Commission (NPC) and as such advocating for the use of our Numerical strength to elect credible leaders, interrupt the status quo, and cause a fundamental paradigm shift in Nigeria both the State and Federal level, leaders who will navigate the affairs of our nation, and use the credibility of leaders selection to contribute their quota to the peaceful co- existence and development of Nigeria, under the radical leadership of Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu CNY and other National Executives. 

Our country has a long history of youth led movements that has brought about significant social change.



To embark on personality test of individuals who are vying for any leadership position in Nigeria, to equally embark on a conducive environment for the total development of the Nigeria youth and women in the country’s polity and to religiously emancipate Nigerians from the shackles of oppressors for the total development of her constituency.


To be loyal ambassador for change, maintaining unity and co-operation amongst Nigeria youths, defining our ambition for a progressive society.

NYAC Vision

To Embark on a conducive environment for the total development of the youths.






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