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Paradigm shift 2023, NYAC, NIXON ODIMBU
  • Paradigm Shift 2023

Can the youth of Nigeria come together and fight for the future of their Country? Wouldn’t that be a remarkable achievement. Can’t we live as people of common pain and consanguinity?

Why is it a difficult thing for us to put our heads together for a common objective instead of fighting ourselves on social media for men who obviously do not give a hoot about us or the country.

I have been privileged to meet some very brilliant young Nigerians very passionate and patriotic but our Politics does not give room for such to thrive, can’t we see reasons to team up regardless of our ethnicity or religion.

As for me, I have offered myself for service of my people, it’s time we stand up to our responsibility and stop receiving handouts from the so called political elites who has kept us in Abject poverty, hunger, and poor leadership.

Aren’t you tired of the whole plaquetorial happenstances in Nigeria? There’s enough hunger in the land too blare for all to see, our students have been home for over Ten (10) Week now, as our educational system is at the verge of collapse yet we tare doing nothing.

The youth are relegated to the backseat, yet same youth are too comfortable clapping and fighting for the same oppressors, a shame indeed.. My generation is failing the coming generation already, if nothing is done pretty fast to right the wrongs as we have eminent on us.

It’s time we all take up a political struggle and ensure total support for one another, as our numbers are evidently colossal. Enough is Enough to their political despotism, we are tired of seeing our sisters been raped, our parents and brothers beheaded yet nothing is been done to bring the perpetrators to book.

Nigeria youth arise, it’s time to change the Narrative, the hour has come when men shall rise to defend their territories. It’s another challenge and we should face it squarely.

I’m going into the 2023 contest with my body, my soul and blood as I am not leaving any stone unturned, and if I die in the process of fighting the oppressors, so be it and if otherwise glory be to God. But be rest assured, on the people’s mandate I stand.

My people have suffered enough, it is time to wipe their tears and that man is Me, Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu the Radical President of Nigeria Youth Alternative Council – NYAC.

My people awaits the sound of a VICTORY and I shall not compromise. The end of a Goliath is Now. A new order is about to be birthed in Aniocha North/South & Oshimili North/South.



2023 We shall dance the dance of the spirits.



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