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Paradigm Shift 2023

Paradigm Shift 2023


Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu CNY

Getting involved in active politics as a young person, I have never supported a candidate for an elective position, in any election, based on party affiliation. I have placed myself stringently on the routine of assessing and agreeing or disagreeing with the personality strength, weakness, and vigour of the persons contesting before placing myself solidly behind the contestant that is most qualified, credible, vibrant of the lot to lead.

My stoic position is that when every pretensions are set aside it becomes apparent that political parties in Nigeria are not so different from each other; all have the good eggs and the bad ones.

No single party can deign to be from God.

There is a great opportunity for the people of Oyo North Senatorial District in 2023, particularly for the youths. It is an opportunity to do more than just be heard but be seen and felt placing their weight on the scales to see that the right balance is struck in the election. It is an opportunity that if missed may be miserably irretrievable anytime soon.This great opportunity is Hon. Shina Abiola Peller.

Oyo North Senetorial District since it’s creation has never had someone of SHINA PELLER pedigree to vie for the SENATE of the District, and this is beyond perception, but statement of fact.

HON. SHINA ABIOLA PELLER is a complete, extraordinary person, with a head well screwed on his shoulders. He is fearless yet humble, he is competent and selfless. He has demonstrated his commitment to progress as a private, public and corporate person, and fully understands the onus and responsibility power begets.

Shina Peller left his night life activities actively where he gets millions of Naira per night and took up public responsibility to serve his people at the level of House Of Representatives because he believes the people’s mandate his priority. An act which amongst other innuendos points to an individual with his priorities and sense of service pointed in the right direction.

He is not a regular politician, he is not a career politician, he does not play dirty politics, his kind is truly uncommon. That he, SHINA PELLER, is contesting for SENATE Oyo North Senatorial Disttict, today is a blessing and a statement to this generation, and we must take this rare opportunity seriously.

Shina Peller is not political business man, certainly not one coming to build a political empire; he doesn’t need it. If anything, this sprite personage’s entrance is one turned towards service. He is like a virgin lady, bringing forth a new blood of love and respect for the people, he is decent, honest, bold and reliable. He is even more reliable than better politician you can think of, one can vouchsafe, and I have no apology about it.

Shina Peller is the youngest of all the contestant in his district. A peculiarity in itself which bespeaks the breath of difference one can confidently expect of his tenureship. His candidacy is at the very least an unadulterated exhibition of alacrity to heed the call to service and a humble and healthy disposition to steer the affairs of Oyo North Senatorial District continually in the right direction.

I reiterate this: an opportunity stares us in the face. It is a season of political bravery, insight and resourcefulness. All hands must be on deck, the right deck, as Oyo North senatorial district positions itself on the epoch of history making to be the vanguard of fearlessness and true progression.

This is why everywhere you go in all the nooks and crannies of Oyo North Senatorial District, you hear good about SHINA PELLER.

Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu CNY
Nigeria Youth Alternative Council – NYAC

Aspirant House Of Representatives, Aniocha North/South & Oshimili North/South Federal Constituency, Delta State, Nigeria.

Source: www.loadnaija.com

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