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PDP NSA Group knock Governor Oyetola over #8,000 APC Student Bursary Program
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PDP NSA Group knock Governor Oyetola over #8,000 APC Student Bursary Program for 100 Students, Condemns The Ponzi Scheme-like Method Of Payment Of Subscription Fee To The Bursary Body.

The leading Students’ group in Osun State known as PDP, ( Student Bursary Program)  National Student Association has reacted to the audio Bursary exercise which the State Government of Osun claimed it organized for the students of the State.

Since the beginning of the acclaimed excercise, not a single person has been seen as a beneficiary of the said excercise.

During our findings, it was noted that the State Governor approved just #10,000 Bursary for 100 Students per local Government in which a sum of #1,000 or #2,000 subscription fee must be paid to the Bursary body before you can qualify to be selected.

In our findings, most Students who were selected for the Bursary were majorly Students whose parents belong to the same political Party with the State Governor and neglected other Students whose parents or relatives are not member of their Party. We have been able to get across to many aggrieved Students who paid the subscription fee but were not selected to be among the beneficiaries of the said excercise. Over a sum of 3 million naira plus was generated from innocent Students by the Bursary body and majority of them ended up not chosen.

Does that mean those who benefitted only deserve #2,000 every year for 4years as their Educational right from a Government that spent more than a Billion during his bloody primary election?

The PDP, National Student Association have wondered the difference between MMM, bet9ja and the way the State Government handled the Bursary excercise.

A situation whereby a Student will have to pay 10% or 20% of the amount that will be given to him is no more a Bursary but gambling.

It is very shameful that Oyetola has destroyed the future of innocent children of Osun state.

Below is the definition of “Bursary” according to oxford Dictionary, ​”An amount of money that is given to someone so that they can study, usually at a college or university”, going by this definition, what can a higher institution Student do with a sum of #8,000 in Nigeria today?

The money spent for the Bursary in totality is not up to 30million and this is a Government which collected Billions of naira as Educational budget only to be requesting for #2,000 before they can give out 10,000 as Bursary for almost 4years in Government.

The PDP, National Student association have wondered why the State Government has not been giving Bursary for the past 3 and half years in office but decided to give out in about 3month to his second term election.

The manner and approach in which the State Government use to handle the issue of Bursary has proven that the Governor is not capable enough to lead the State for another 4years, in other successful States like Oyo when he.

Governor Seyi Makinde gave Bursary to all final year law Students then, he didn’t give to some and leave some, he didn’t ask them to pay urgent 2k to get any amount, every Student received the entitlement from the Governor, this is the type of leadership we’re talking about.

Every Students of Osun deserves to be given a Bursary in as much as you’re a matriculated student of a particular higher institution.

We hereby call on the Governor that uses 100Million naira to buy SUV Jeep when he assumed office to return the subscription fee of those who paid for the Bursary but didn’t benefit and can as well do better by increasing the amount given to the Student from #10,000 to #30,000 and make sure it reaches all matriculated Students of Osun state who are schooling in and outside the State.

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