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About Princess Onuoha Kelechi: Kelechi Onuoha is from Enugu State Agwu LGA to be precised. A Youth Development Advocate, Public Interest Journalist, Writer, Orator, Gender Activist, Founder/President, Prestigious Ladies International (PLI), a recognised and respectable female organisation, that’s shouldered with the responsibility of showcasing, developing and harnessing the potentials of women in all entirety.

Kelechi Onuoha is the Secretary General and a board director of Prime Communications & Media Consultancy, a reputable media outfit in Abuja, known for credible news and information as they are Subsidiaries of PrimeReporters & PrimeReporters Magazine International.

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Kelechi Onuoha, is the Publicity Secretary of the Association of Coastal & Waterways Communities of Nigeria Youth Council, she’s also the Personal Assistant to Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu CNY, the Radical President of the Nigeria Youth Alternative Council NYAC.

Kelechi Onuoha is the National Secretary, Nigeria Youth Alternative Council – NYAC, also an African Youth Ambassador to the Embassy of Serria Leon in Abuja and has contributed immensely to the development of the youth community in Nigeria and has her name written in the sands of time. She’s a role model to many young ladies and lads within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

She has also worked with Bentastic Media, where she deposited her wealth of experience in the development of the growing company. Kelechi Onuoha is an Ambassador of National Unity Mega Campaign Project, Secretary General, Coalition of Progressive Nigeria Youths, Acting Administrative Secretary, Nigeria Youth Alternative Council – NYAC.

Kelechi Onuoha is a 3 Star Comrade of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a unifier, organiser and a peace loving person.

Kelechi Onuoha is a idealist, thinker and Icon Of Global Reckoning as recognised by the Federation of Women Advocates, lover of youths, more of feminism, she’s the Director Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative for the Youths – CSRIY.

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Kelechi Onuoha, is a practical Christian, Entrepreneur and builder of businesses with success stories recorded overtime. Kelechi Onuoha is readily available for learning as it’s a process for development. She’s the Public Relations officer (PRO) of Nixon Support Organisation – NSO.

Kelechi Onuoha, is a loving woman, bold, bright, beautiful and More. She’s very good in administrative duties, an entrepreneur with wealth of knowledge in the world of entrepreneurship.

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