Advise from Reno Around The World

Advise from Reno Around The World

Advise From Reno Around The World For the Youth

Advise from Reno Around The World, He Says, After you graduate and get a job, don’t immediately leave your parent’s or guardian’s house to rent your own place.

If possible, stay with your parents. Endure any discomfort. Then save what you would have spent on rent and use it as capital to start a business or down payment to buy a home. Real estate is the foundation for your wealth.

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Don’t be in a hurry to run when you have not learned to crawl. If your parents live far from where you work, then move in with your siblings, guardians, family friends, or other close family member be humble.

Humility is not stupidity when it creates an opportunity that leads to financial ability. Respect who you live with. If they say you should wash plates, swallow your pride and wash it.

Accept nonsense, It is the price you pay to access much sense!

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