BBNaija: Arewa adolescents raise new alert, demand unscripted TV drama is ‘catastrophe’

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BBNaija, The Arewa Youth Consultative Gathering, AYCF, has dispatched a new assault on the Older sibling Naija, BBNaija, unscripted tv show.

AYCF Public President, Yerima Shettima, said the BBNaija show makes young people lethargic and feeble.

Talking solely with Day by day POST, Shettima said the show is a disaster to the current age.


Shettima encouraged the Central Government to make an unscripted TV drama that would prepare young people to assume control over the mantle of administration.


As per Shettima: “It makes our adolescents to be apathetic; even the individuals who took part seem, by all accounts, to be languid. How they are doing the mystic of this our current age is a catastrophe”.

The show makes them feeble, sluggish and simultaneously extremely inefficient. I have not seen anything they are improving.

“I don’t see anything they are doing to empower our current age or achieve something to be thankful for to the mystic of the more youthful age.”


In the event that there ought to be any unscripted TV drama now, it ought to be what might prepare pioneers and not to be empowering these corrupt demonstrations.

“Indeed, even in the western world, such things can’t be permitted to scale through. Along these lines, as opposed to doing this, let us perceive how to set up a program that would join the nation, groom individuals, mentorship, etc; which is better; rather than this franticness and unethical behavior which ought to be debilitate. It should be completely debilitate.”

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