Euros 2021 semi finals

Euros 2021 semi finals

What a surprise as the three times winners of the European league and the defending champions crashed out of the league, with remains of the running teams Italy, England, Denmark, Spain, still in race to win the cup.

Euros 2021 semi finals

in the latest semi-finals updates Italy vs Spain in the first Euro 2021 on Tuesday July 6, while England vs Denmark in the remaining last-four clash, Wednesday July 7; Euro 2021 and the winners will advance to the finals which is on Sunday July 11.

the finals will be played at the Wembley Stadium with the final teams to know who will emarge as the winner this time in the European league and it will finally take place on Sunday July 11, 2021 kick off 8pm.

Here’s the updated schedule and latest results for Euro 2020, Italy 2-1 Belgium while England 4-0 Ukraine, Spain 1- 1 Switzerland (3-1), Denmark 2-1 Czech Republic, the game is getting more hotter than expected, hopefully one of the best team will emarge as winner of European league 2021 on sunday 11 july 2021 at 8pm.

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