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– School Fee To Be Considered

Plasu – School Fee To Be Considered

Plasu, Student’s Union Government (SUG) Plateau State University Bokkos Office Of The President.

Plasu school fee to be considered (SUG).

From the office of the president “SUG” Plasu.

“Dear esteemed Student’s, I want to address a matter of utmost importance that has been causing unrest among the student body: the recent increase in school fees. I understand the frustration and concerns that this has caused, and I want to assure you that we, as the SUG, are working tirelessly to advocate for your best interests.”

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Since the announcement of the fee increase, the SUG has been actively engaging with the management to reconsider the decision and find a more reasonable and considerate fee structure. We firmly believe that education should be accessible and affordable for all students, and we are committed to fighting for this principle.

However, I must emphasize that engaging with the management on such matters requires diplomacy and patience. It is important to approach these discussions in a constructive and respectful manner, as this will yield better outcomes. The SUG is diligently working behind the scenes to resolve this issue in the best possible way, and we appreciate your understanding and support during this process.

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I understand that the lack of information about our ongoing efforts may have led to frustration among students. I want to assure you that your concerns are our concerns, and we are committed to transparency in our actions. Moving forward, we will work on improving communication channels to ensure that you are well-informed about the progress we are making in addressing the fee increase.

I also want to address the abusive behavior that has been directed towards the SUG. While I understand that emotions may be running high and frustrations are mounting, it is crucial that we treat each other with respect and understanding. The SUG exists to represent your interests, and we are doing everything we can to find a resolution to this issue. Let us remember that through unity and constructive engagement, we can achieve our goals more effectively. On this note, I want to inform you that the SUG will be meeting the Governing council of the institution on Monday to address this concern

I encourage you to reach out to us with your questions, concerns, and suggestions. We are here to listen and support you. Rest assured that we will continue to work diligently to address this matter and ensure that your voices are heard by the management.

Thank you for your patience and trust in the SUG. Together, let us continue to advocate for a reasonable and considerate fee structure that supports the academic and financial well-being of all students.

Aluta continue, Victoria Ascerter!


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